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Here is a list of 3D Monuments jigsaw puzzles available for sale

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Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
notre dame cathedral, 366 pieces, jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions by wrebbit puzz3d 04649 Notre Dame Cathedral 366 99.99
kinkaku-ji zen temple puzz3d, jigsaw puzzle of the famous golden temple, puzz3d by wrebbit P3D-7006 Kinkaku-Ji (The Golden Temple) 357 299.99
puzz3d of graceland, elvis presley wrebbit jigsaw puzzle 350 pieces 09002 Elvis Presley Graceland 350 99.99
jefferson memorial 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, puzz3d dimensions CF208H Jefferson Memorial 35 19.99
cows cove 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare puzzle by wrebbit P3D-7503 Cows Cove - Seaside Lighthouse 349 99.99
3d puzzle, eiffel towe, 350 pieces, eiffeltower 3d small easy puzzle 04643 Eiffel Tower 300 99.99
big ben 3d puzzle 30 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle, united kingdom jigsaw puzzle of bigben clock and tower C703H Big Ben 30 29.99
leaning tower of pisa 30 piece 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, puzz3d dimensions piza italy MC053H Leaning Tower of Pisa 30 19.99
3d jigsaw puzzle, sydney opera house, museum quality jigsaw puzzle, daron puzzle company, puzz3d S3001H Sydney Opera House 30 19.99
opera house dresden, jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, 3d puzz puzz3d 406942 Semperoper, Dresden 282 199.99
big ben 3d puzzle, united kingdom jigsaw puzzle of bigben clock and tower CFL501H Big Ben LED 28 39.99
3d jigsaw puzzle, triumphal arch, museum quality jigsaw puzzle, CubicFun puzzle company, puzz3d CF045H Triumphal Arch 26 19.99
usa landmarks trip-pack, 3 in 1 jigsaw 3d puzzles, washington white house, golden gate bridge, empir 04558 USA Landmarks Tri-Pack 257 49.99
Dome of the Rock 3d puzzle 25 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle, jerusalem islamic jigsaw puzzle of domeofthero C714H Dome of the Rock 25 29.99
parthenon 3d puzzle, temple of greek goddess Athena daron 3d jigsaw puzzle CF076H The Parthenon 25 19.99
reichstag berlin building 3d puzzle by wrebbit germany puzz3d jigsaw puzzle rare 69222728 Reichstag, Berlin 249 199.99
arc de triomphe 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare jigsaw puzzle P3D-NA4 Arc de Triomphe 246 99.99
3d jigsaw puzzle pyramid 6 inch puzzel showpiece collectable flexible hinged pieces 114627 Essence of Egypt 240 49.99
puzz3d of le chateau frontenac, quebec city jigsaw puzzles P3D-502 Chateau Frontenac 219 99.99
3d jigsaw puzzle of a lighthouse by ravensburger 3D wrebbit is dead and ravens is taking over where 125555 Lighthouse 216 39.99
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