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Here is a list of 3D Cars jigsaw puzzles available for sale

Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
mini police car 3d puzzle wrebbit puzz3d policecar model jigsawpuzzel 86 pieces MINI-132 MINI-132 Police Car 86 38.00
reversible double-sided car, classic coupe to hot rod, puzz3d by wrebbit, 751 pieces, difficult 09003 Reversible Car 751 99.99
mini puzzle of a taxi, vehicle 3d puzzles, wrebbit mini puzz, 3dpuzz, puzz3d, rare taxi MINI-115 Taxi 63 29.99
mercedes benz model, moveable 3d puzz wrebbit mercedes, scale model of 1935 car 62001 The Mercedes-Benz 500k Special 565 299.99
a jigsaw puzzle of the classic ford model-t, first automobile 3d jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit 3d puzz MINI-122 Ford Model-T 54 49.99
ford mustand convertible jigsaw puzzle, mustang '65 3d wrebbit puzzle, 364 pieces average puzzle 04673 Ford Mustang Convertible 1965 364 99.99
williams fw20 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare formula 1 jigsaw puzz3d P3D-915 Williams FW20 361 99.99
williams fw21 3d jigsaw puzzle, formula 1 rare foam puzzle model P3D-919 Williams FW21 361 199.99
ford thunderbird jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, 3d vehicle puzzle 04674 Ford Thunderbird 357 39.99
ford woody station wagon 3d jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit puzz3d 350 pieces, average difficulty 04675 Ford Woody Station Wagon 350 99.99
williams fw22 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare formula 1 puzz3d P3D-922 Williams FW22 345 49.99
3d puzzle camaro ss 1969 , jigsaw puzzle by wrebbitt, classic cars 3 diemnsional puzzles, 300 pieces 04573 1969 Camaro SS 300 99.99
3d vehicle puzzle, chevy bel air 1957 jigsaw puzzle by wrebitt, classic cars puzzles, 300 pieces, ex 04671 Chevy Bel Air 1957 299 49.99
wrebbitt 3d puzzle of corvette sting ray 1963, classic cars jigsaw puzzles by wrebbit, 300 pieces ex 04672 Corvette Sting Ray 1963 274 99.99
coca cola vintage vehicles, 3 cars in 1 from coca cola, vintage vehicles, 04210 Coca Cola Vintage Vehicles 232 49.99
jeff gordon 1999 chevy monte carlo puzz3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit P3D-NA10 Jeff Gordon 1999 Chevy 222 99.99
dale earnhardt 1999 chevy monte carlo 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, puzz3d P3D-NA5 Dale Earnhardt 1999 Chevy 222 99.99
125166 Volkswagen T1, Surfer Edition 162 69.99
3d jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks antqiue car 3 dimensional antiquecar model puzzle 1150 pieces MATCH6616 Antique Car 1150 69.99
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