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Honors and Recognition Given to The Bookman

Irwin Herman, aka "The Bookman" receives a constant stream of thank you letters from grateful clients, as well as numerous awards from community groups. Having donated books to hundreds of organizations, Irwin and his crew have a wall full of accolades. Here are just a select few of the organizations that have dealt with The Bookman:

Distinguished Service Award from San Diego County Sheriff's Department for 25 years of service providing reading and learning materials to inmates.

2008 Global Awareness Award from the
San Diego Peace Corps Association

An award for the organization was made to the late Leonard (The Elf) Pearlman on June 1, 2007. He received the Continuing Service Award from the California Congress of Parents, Teachers, and Students. The award was in recognition of 5 years of service in providing specialized reading material for an advanced reading program. Over the period, Len had donated more than 1,000 books to the program. He is shown here with his award and a large thank you card from the students in the program.

Book Donations

The Bookman keeps a map showing the countries he has
served. So far 80 and counting.

Book Donations

Book Donations

Hundreds of letters, posters, cards, awards, and
pictures from around the world say "Thank You"›
to The Bookman.

The Bookman's awards include:

The Bookman doesn't limit his efforts to San Diego. On the internet is a posting by a teacher at an English language school in Korea with the following statement: "I received a letter from him (Herman) that reads, in part, 'I can give you whatever you need in English books. Please advise your needs and arrange shipping. Books are free, a gift from the people of San Diego to you. The cost of shipping would be your expense.'"

Another accolade to the Bookman found on the internet, from the Holy Trinity School in El Cajon, states very well his zeal and importance to our society. It reads, in part; "Holy Trinity School received a donation of over 250 books÷ for classroom libraries.

"The afternoon Mr. Herman handed over a contribution to Holy Trinity School, he had just sent more than 5,000 books to the R. J. Donovan Correctional Facility. Examples of Mr. Herman's generosity include book donations to Social Advocates for Youth, San Diego City College youth outreach programs, the Drug Court Program of San Diego County, senior citizens, homeless shelters, schools, basically anyone who wants to read or learn. No one who meets Mr. Herman can miss his love of people, books and for his ministry. Also, no one leaves a visit with Mr. Herman without learning something - about people and places in San Diego, about his trip to Jerusalem, or about his experience carrying the Olympic torch. Like the books he gives away, Mr. Herman also will reveal a universal truth about life through sharing personal stories and also by his example of the joy of selfless giving."

The Bookman is a unique organization dedicated to providing education support to deserving students. For your next donation drive, consider a donation to The Bookman. The Bookman is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, so gifts are tax-deductible.

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