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Obtaining Free Books

The Bookman is a global charitable organization based in San Diego, California. A registered 501(c)3 charity, The Bookman supplies books free to teachers, institutions, and groups that ask, providing they can pick them up, or have another agency do that for them. However, The Bookman is not a bookstore and does not provide books to individuals or sell to the general public. Our mandate is to support agencies that help those in need.

Operated with all volunteer labor the organization has given away more than 8 million books to people in San Diego County and through local charities, to every state and 70 other countries. There are no restrictions on who can obtain free books - those who need them can have them, as long as they are part of a deserving group, and can arrange to pick them up from the warehouse. The Bookman does not select, pack, or ship books.

Please note that The Bookman's warehouse is a working warhouse and is not suitable for children. Please do not bring children to the warehouse as we have no way to guarantee their safety.

Teacher's Supplies

In addition to free books for a variety of reading needs, The Bookman maintains a large selection of teacher's support materials, some free and some for sale at very low prices. If you are a teacher in need of extra reading books, teachers' editions, support materials such as pens, crayons, games, or anything similar, feel free to come down to the warehouse and fill your needs. Teacher's Row contains at least 30 bookcases full of high quality used materials. We are not able to fill orders or ship materials so these supplies are only available in person at our warehouse.

In addition to free support materials, The Bookman also has a large selection of new remaindered children's books for sale at very low prices. For most titles there are at least 30 copies in stock, enough for a complete class. Prices range from $1.00 per copy to $3.00 per copy depending on what The Bookman had to pay for them.

Have a look at these pictures to see the extent of what we have available.

"Teacher's Row" with more than 15,000 books available free.

New remaindered books available for sale at reasonable prices.

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